You're being robbed blind and you don't even know it. How do I know? They were doing it to me, until I wrote...

The $7 Blacklist

Don Morris

Keeper of the $7 Secrets Flame
Creator of Admin Expansion, Checkout Expansion, Giveaway Expansion, Landing Page Expansion, Sell-Out Expansion, Snag Plugin, Social Proof Expansion, Template Expansion, and The $7 Blacklist

Dear Friend,

Okay, I'm ticked! I have a great product that I sell for a measly $7, my Giveaway Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts. I just opened it up for affiliate sales and within 24 hours I had someone walk into my store, in effect, and and steal my product!

There's no mistake about it—this person deliberately used one of their PayPal addresses in an affiliate link to purchase my product using another one of their PayPal addresses:

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It's a dirty little secret in the $7 Secrets universe that unscrupulous, so-called "affiliates" are stealing our products. Until now, affiliate fraud has largely been accepted as a cost of doing business. If we find someone stealing from us, we block their address in our 7DSS settings and think "Well, that's all I can do." And then the thief goes on to steal from someone else.

I'm here to tell you there is something else that you can do, that we all can do!

Current Blacklist stats:

Thieves reported: 69
Last report: 1821 days ago
Inquiries today: 0

I've created The $7 Blacklist, an expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts that checks an online database of known abusers of the affiliate system and denies them payment when they use their "affiliate" link. The $7 Blacklist immediately blocks any attempt to use a reported PayPal address for affiliate sales.

And it's free!

I'm giving away this script, because I need it in as wide a distribution as possible to keep these thieves from continuing to steal from us. Of course, if you find The $7 Blacklist useful to you, you can pay (you guessed it!) a suggested $7 to help me continue to support this plug-in.

By the way, installing The $7 Blacklist for $7 Secrets Scripts is easy! Just upload a few files; use your browser to run the installer; adjust some settings; and you're ready to go!

IMPORTANT: Please see the system requirements for this software before purchasing.

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Of course, to make this work the second thing you must do is report every one of your fraudulent sales to The $7 Blacklist. Please click here to submit a fraudulent sale to the blacklist.