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$7 Secrets is Available

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Well, I surprised myself! Although it took me just over a month to complete the first step in this project, I actually did follow through and put together an offering for $7 Secrets.

I waited for about two-and-a-half weeks before I uploaded the scripts and it took me another two-and-a-half weeks to tweak everything so it was just like I wanted it. Most of that time was spent just learning how the scripts work and there's really no reason why someone else -- someone without my analytical personality -- couldn't take the $7 Secrets scripts and have them up-and-running within days.

Setting up the script is easy, so most of your time is spent creating your offer and the supporting web pages. The $7 Secrets scripts then make selling your product a snap!

Lest I forget, there's a report that's really the primary reason for making the purchase. Unless you understand the advantage of selling low-cost info products, you won't really understand how the scripts will help you. (Don't be narrow-minded, either: the scripts are being used to market all kinds of products -- physical and digital -- at many different price points.) And even if you never use the scripts, the information in the report is valuable in its own right.

All right, rather go on any longer about the product, let me just point you to $7 Secrets itself and let you make your own decision. Good luck!

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