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Announcing Sell-Out Expansion

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I realize I'm not first to market with this idea for $7 Secrets Scripts users, but I do believe I have the best-in-class product. Here's what makes Sell-Out Expansion for $7 Secrets different from 7DSS v2.7 and other products:

Sell-Out Expansion
7DSS 2.7
Product A
Limit front-end product
Limit OTO product
Limit by number of sales
Limit by date
Optionally disable sales page
Optionally disable OTO
Requires extensive modification of 7DSS

* A bug in 7DSS 2.7 causes front-end and OTO sales to be grouped.

Sell-Out Expansion is very simple to use: you upload it to your scripts directory, add one line to your index.php file (not necessary for existing Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite users), and set your preferences.

Now, what would what would show off this product better than an actual demonstration? Right now I've reduced the price by 25%, but that offer is only available to the first 30 buyers or until August 5, 2007 -- whichever comes first.

More information on Sell-Out Expansion

Support for Sell-Out Expansion and other 7 Dollar Tools products

Protect Your PayPal Account... from PayPal!

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I spend a lot of time on the $7 Secrets Forum (as you may know). Two of the great things about hanging around there are the things you learn and the people you meet. In a moment I'm going to tell you about someone I met, but first I want to warn you about a subject that has been discussed there extensively in recent weeks.

A growing number of Internet marketers have had their PayPal accounts frozen for alleged breaches of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. Most Internet marketers don't really understand the true nature and extent of the risk they run, or why PayPal is acting in this ruthless way.

By the way, PayPal can freeze your money for up to 180 days (that's SIX MONTHS) and it pays you NO interest on it!

It's been especially challenging for users of Jonathan Leger's $7 Secrets Script. Many of them are new to online marketing, attracted by the low cost and simple solutions offered by the script, so there's now a lot of confusion (and fear) about what's acceptable to PayPal - and what's not.

The good news is that practical help is now available in the
form of a new, free ebook titled:

How to avoid PayPal's lethal game of 'Pin The Tail
On The Internet Marketing Donkey'

In this 50-page Insight Report from The Profit Clinic, author John Counsel—a recognized authority in the field of direct selling for more than 20 years—explores the issues behind these latest developments and offers informed insights and practical ideas to help you protect yourself against having your PayPal account limited or closed.

(John's that person I met on the forum. Besides being a genuis in this field, he's got a great Aussie accent!)

It offers no "secret" loopholes and no "Black Hat" tactics or gimmicks for getting around PayPal's policies. Instead, it points out the realities involved, explores the reasons behind them, and looks at ways for complying with them and dealing
intelligently with PayPal.

It's a timely application of the timeless proverb:

An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

Best of all, it's free, with no hidden catches.

You'll find it all here...


(Yes, you can give it away from your own web site, too. Download the Redistributor Pack for details.)

This is a must-have reference for every Internet marketer who uses PayPal as a payment processor or to pay affiliates. And if you use the $7 Secrets script, you're playing Russian Roulette with your own business and income without it.

Don't wait another minute. Every moment you delay could mean your site is being scanned by PayPal's silent-but-deadly Tail Pinners, who shoot first—and ask no questions later!

At this price (free!), what's stopping you? Don't walk... RUN!

Here's that link again...


Play safe when it comes to PayPal. It's your money, after all!

Announcing The $7 Blacklist

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I was robbed last week. Someone clicked my link in the $7 Secrets forum to this website, then used their affiliate link to purchase my product. I was mad! Who is so cheap that they need to steal a $7 product? Well, that's the last time they'll do that to me, because I created The $7 Blacklist.

The $7 Blacklist is very simple to use: you upload it to your scripts directory, add one line to your index.php file (not necessary for Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite users), and (optionally) set one preference. The $7 Blacklist immediately begins protecting you from affiliate fraud.

Every time someone comes to your site with an affiliate link, The $7 Blacklist checks the affiliate ID against an online database of known abusers of the $7 Secrets Scripts affiliate system. If the affiliate ID is in the Blacklist, the affiliate cookie is not set and, optionally, the the 7DSS fraud page is shown.

To make this product successful, I need you to do two things. First, download and use The $7 Blacklist. It's free for all users of 7 Dollar Secrets scripts. Second, report affiliate fraud at the link below. Sure, losing $7 is a drop in the bucket, but if we allow these thieves to continue their behavior they will steal from the rest of us.

Download The $7 Blacklist and report affiliate fraud

Support for The $7 Blacklist and other 7 Dollar Tools products

$7 Secrets 2.7 is...

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After a 35-day absence from the $7 Secrets forum and 85 days after v2.6 was released, Jon Leger has returned -- bearing version 2.7 of the $7 Secrets Scripts! What's new, what's changed, and what does it mean for you?

Here's what's new in the scripts:

  • Added code so ?e= with no PayPal email will clear the affiliate cookie
  • This is great for troubleshooting issues with your installation. Instead of tracking down that affiliate cookie ("aff") and deleting it manually, just use this to clear it. (Just a note: if you try this pre-2.7, you'll get a PHP error.)

  • Added ability to collect Country / State / Zip code information for tax purposes.
  • If you need to track this information for tax on (physical) products, now you can. I'm not sure how useful this will be for users, since the script doesn't ask PayPal to charge tax as a profile override nor does it record the tax amount returned by IPN. If any of you try this feature, let me know how it works for you.

  • Added conversion tracking and the ability to have multiple sales letters for conversion testing purposes
  • Woo-hoo! This has been asked for by many people. Test two or more different sales letters to see which produces more sales. I haven't had the chance yet to put this feature through its paces, but I'll let you know later what I find.

  • Added the ability to limit the number of sales before "closing the doors." (soldout.html)
  • Another popular request, this feature helps you convey a sense of urgency to your buyers.

And what's changed:

  • BUG FIX: Recording payment_amount to ipn.txt instead of payment_gross caused problems for some currencies
  • I reported this to Jon back in May. Basically, anyone using a currency other than US dollars would see "0.00" for the payment in their admin panel, due to a change (some time ago) to PayPal's IPN. The script still operated correctly, though.

    [Update 8/24/2007] Version 2.7 still records IPN variable payment_gross to fraud.txt instead of mc_gross when a fraudulent transaction is detected.

  • BUG FIX: Script would hang after customer redirected back from PayPal
  • Another one I reported to Jon in May. This is the "tries" bug you've most likely seen on the $7 Secrets forum, which returns the customer to the sales page after a successful PayPal payment. Users of Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite have been able to avoid this bug.

All this news about version 2.7 sounds great, but I'm going to caution you against downloading it and using it on a production site. As I began running through the code to see what effects the new version would have on my $7 Tools products, I came across bug after bug that limited the usability of not only the new features, but of the script as a whole:

  • A section of code that made it impossible to place any orders

  • The sold-out feature can cut off sales of your regular product before you expect it

  • If you're testing multiple sales pages, only the first one shows

  • If you delete a sales page you were testing, a customer that had already seen that sales page might get an error when they return [updated 7/24/2007]

  • If you're collecting country/state/zip information, your customers will not be able to buy your OTO

  • If your customer cancels the purchase of the OTO, they're kicked out of the order process and can't download their first purchase (reported in April)

  • A common setting error needlessly keeps customers from downloading their purchase (fixed by Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite)

  • A bug which sends an invalid address to PayPal when using split commissions on the regular product (reported two days ago)

  • The amount received is not reported correctly for a fraudulent transaction when the payment is in a non-USD currency. [Updated 8/24/2007]

Again, I recommend that you NOT download and install version 2.7 of the scripts. Version 2.6, when combined with Admin Expansion or Admin Expansion Lite, will work well for you until these kinks get ironed out. I'll let you know when that happens.

Big Announcement at eBay Live

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I know you're wondering why I would be writing to you, a $7 Secrets scripts user, about eBay Live. Well, PayPal, which is owned by eBay, made an announcement at the conference which has not gotten a lot of press. Since we 7DSS users are heavily dependent on PayPal, I thought this was important enough to interrupt your day.

I myself have never had a problem with my PayPal account being hacked (knock on wood), but I *am* plagued by "phishing" e-mails attempting to persuade me to give up my username and password. So, between hackers, phishers, and the potential for spyware on my machine watching my keystrokes, there's a real risk that my PayPal account could be compromised.

Yours, too.

PayPal takes your account security very seriously and their announcement of the PayPal Security Key underscores their commitment. Basically, this device—which fits on your keychain—"generates a unique six-digit security code about every 30 seconds. You enter that code when you log in to your PayPal or eBay account with your regular user name and password. Then the code expires—no one else can use it."

I found it particularly interesting that—in addition to using it on PayPal and eBay—you will be able to use it on VeriSign ID Protection partner sites in the future.

Here's how to get your PayPal Security Key now for the low, introductory price of $5:

Go to PayPal's home page and click the Security Center link at the top of the page. From there, scroll down and click the Security Tools link under Online Safety Essentials. Finally, click the PayPal Security Key Overview link. Here's the direct link:


although you'd probably be rightly cautious about clicking it.

If you like what you see, click the Order your Security Key link.

BTW, the View Demo link toward the bottom of the page is broken; you can use the View Demo link in the image at the top of the page, but their Flash detection script wouldn't let the video run on Firefox or Safari on my machines. Here's the link to the demo that will work:


Now, back to your regularly scheduled life.

My Favorite Tip Source

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I subscribe to a really cool e-zine that gives me a short marketing tip on a daily basis and I wanted you to know about it.

What I like about it is not only the great content, but also the format. The tips never take me more than 30 seconds to read.

I got permission to share this one with you. It's a great example of how powerful a brief tip can be.

Find Hot Niche Topics - Yahoo!

Go to http://answers.yahoo.com set up a free account and enter
your keyword and click the 'Search' button. Review all the
questions, list them and then sort them into categories. You
now know that there is a proven need for information and your
categories will give you great suggestions for chapter
headings. When you are writing your [$7] information product
you can go back to review the best answers too.

John Taylor


Tips come from a variety of successful marketers which gives the added benefit of multiple points of view. The publication is called The Daily Marketing Ace and you can subscribe by following this link.

Minisite Wars 2007

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You may have noticed that this site looks a little ragged. Part of that is because I'm busy writing PHP code, part of that is because I suck at graphic design. Contrary to some people's belief, owning Adobe CS2 doesn't make you a genuis at design.

Because of those two reasons, I'm having not one, but two designs created for $7 Tools as part of Minisite Wars 2007, a competition to determine the best minisite designer on the planet. 31 sites will be fought over in 5 rounds, with a round 1 spot costing the site owner $97 and each successive round costing a bit more. Each site will have a design submitted by each of two designers; the designs will be judged and the winning designer will advance to the next round.

I've reserved a round 3 spot; I wanted a better quality designer for my site and—at $167—the round 3 price was only $20 more than round 2. Not all of the spots have been sold yet for rounds 1 and 2, so it will be a while before I get my two designs and a winner is declared. You'll know that $7 Tools was a winner when you see the new site makeover.

Installations on a Platter

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Recently I've begun doing installations of $7 Secrets Scripts for others. Some, like my first install, simply want to outsource the installation because they're much too busy to fool around with the scripts. Many, like my latest install, come to me because setting up a script is not something they've had experience with previously.

Whatever the reason, each of my customers gets a fresh install of the latest version of the 7 Dollar Secrets scripts and a copy of Admin Expansion Lite to help them (and me) with the operation of their site. I ensure all the settings are correct and run several test sales of their front-end product and their one-time offer. I finish up with suggestions for their squeeze page and download pages.

Down the road I'll put up a page describing the service and some testimonials, like this one from Ron Passfield:

Thanks hugely, Don - I feel I am underway again and can offer a professional service. Thanks for your speedy response.

If I can help you with an 7DSS installation, contact me at http://7dollartools.com/support.

Update: see this product page for installations.

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