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Summer Heat Got You Down?

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$7 Secrets user and all-around nice guy, Rob Richards, is promoting Summer 2007's largest giveaway of internet marketing (and other) products -- over 400 in all! There's something for everyone there: website templates, graphics, articles, e-books, software, membership sites, videos, and more. Some offer PLR, some offer MRR, but all are free.

I've got a duckie in this swimming pool, too, but you'll have to check out all of the gifts to see what it is.

So, if the summer heat's got you down, it's time to get refreshed. Head on over to the Summer JV Giveaway and load up on all the great stuff right now!

Tip: Alternate Squeeze Page for Giveaways

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If you're running a giveaway promotion (whether using the built-in 7DSS giveaway feature or an Expansion Pack custom giveaway) in addition to leaving the order option open, you've probably noticed that your squeeze page says something like "Thank you for your purchase" even if the user is getting your product through a giveaway. I'm a bit of a stickler for communicating to the user accurately, so I needed to come up with a way of showing one squeeze page to a person purchasing the product and another squeeze page to a person getting the product through a giveaway.

It turns out this was quite easy to do: just six lines of code to add to your squeeze page and a modfied squeeze page that I called squeeze_giveaway.html. Using a text editor, add these lines to the top of your squeeze.html:

<?php if (isset($_COOKIE['giveaway'])) {
     global $sys_template_folder;
     $filename = $sys_template_folder . "squeeze_giveaway.html";
} else { ?>

and this line to the bottom of your squeeze.html:

<?php } ?>

Your squeeze.html now looks like this:

<?php if (isset($_COOKIE['giveaway'])) {
     global $sys_template_folder;
     $filename = $sys_template_folder . "squeeze_giveaway.html";
} else { ?>
... the rest of your squeeze page here ...
<?php } ?>

If you've named your giveaway squeeze page as I have (you can change it to whatever you want, but make sure you change the "filename = " line accordingly), when a user clicks your giveaway link they will see your new squeeze page. Users clicking your order link, however, will still see your normal squeeze page, unless their giveaway cookie is set.

You can also use the same code to load a modified download.html (front-end product download) or downloadoto.hml (OTO product download) page. Just create the appropriate pages and add the code to download.html and/or downloadoto.html. Make sure you change the "filename = " line!

Have fun with this!

Admin Expansion Updated to 1.1.2

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There's a new version of Admin Expansion available. Purchasers are eligible to receive updates for two years from the date of purchase.

Here's what's new in Admin Expansion 1.1.2:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the user to be logged out when enabling/disabling test mode and occasionally caused test mode not to work

  • Now uses URLs of the form 'index.php?action=' instead of '/?action=' to avoid problems with some web server configurations

I recommend that all users of Admin Expansion upgrade to version 1.1.2. Use your original download link to download the "scripts only" package, then replace your copy of exp_admin.php with the appropriate file.

Updates and 2.7 Compatibility

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I just wanted to check in briefly and let you know about some minor updates to my 7 Dollar Tools expansion products. Also, because the $7 Secrets Scripts have been updated, I've gone through each product to ensure compatibility with version 2.7.

To determine the versions you are currently using for the following products, log in to your admin panel. Use your original download links to update your products.

Admin Expansion Lite — current version: 1.1.2, 2.7-compatible: YES
- v1.1.2: Various changes for future expandability
- v1.1.1: Various changes for future expandability

(Use download link for Expansion Pack, Sell-Out Expansion)

Admin Expansion — current version: 1.1.1, 2.7-compatible: YES
- v1.1.1: Various changes for future expandability
- v1.1: Updated Test Mode to work with 2.7's "gather zips" feature

Expansion Pack — current version: 1.0, 2.7-compatible: YES

Sell-Out Expansion — current version: 1.0, 2.7-compatible: YES

The $7 Blacklist — current version: 1.0, 2.7-compatible: YES

Although these products are 2.7-compatible, I do NOT recommend that you update your 7 Dollar Secrets scripts installation at this point. I am currently beta-testing version 2.7.1, which appears to correct the issues I noted with 2.7; hopefully that will be released soon.

Lastly, I recently completed an installation for Admin Expansion user, Dylan Loh, who has just released a new product designed to show you how to find JV partners who will promote your products for you. If you want to really break loose, move some product and build your list, you'll want to check out

Using Expansion Pack, Bypassing the Squeeze Page

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Expansion Pack user and Business Card Guru, Diana Ratliff
(, wrote to ask:

[How can I] do just like you did on your expansion page and collect the name/email when they order?

Well, Diana, it's an easy, three-step process:

  1. Copy your autoresponder's form code from your squeeze page (squeeze.html) and paste it into your sales page (salesletter.html).
  2. You'll be replacing your existing order button with this form. Dress it up with graphics if you want, but make sure you have instructions there that tell the user why they're giving their name and e-mail address up front.

  3. Change the "Thank You"/redirect/confirmation page URL for your
    autoresponder from:
  4. http://[][/scripts_folder]/index.php?action=download



    Replace [] with your domain and (optionally) [/script_folder] with the scripts folder you use in settings.php. Now, when the form is submitted your customer will be taken to PayPal.

  5. Edit the Bypass Squeeze Page setting in exp_settings.php:
  6. $exp_bypass_squeeze = true;

    Make sure there is a semi-colon (";") at the end of that line! Now, when your customer returns from PayPal, 7DSS will not show the squeeze page; instead, they will proceed directly to the download page or the OTO page, depending on your 7 Dollar Secrets
    Scripts settings.

The script flow has now changed from

Sales Page -> Order -> Squeeze Page -> Download/OTO


Sales/Squeeze Page -> Order -> Download/OTO

Have a question about Expansion Pack or any 7 Dollar Tools
products? Ask away at:

Free IQ Wants Your Content

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Want a whole new market for your e-book/audio/video?

Some weeks ago I posted a message to the $7 Secrets Forum which mentioned a report I had run across about optimizing your home page for conversions. It was interesting to me -- and should be interesting to you -- because what that really means is "making
your sales letter sell."

Since then I've had the opportunity to look over the whole site and I am impressed! Free IQ has free and paid content on just about every information niche you can imagine -- and they want you to add your content to their offerings.

Free IQ handles the fulfillment of your digital products and it looks like you will pocket up to 85 percent of the sales price of your premium (paid) products, depending on who referred the customer to the site. You can pay affiliates 25-50%.

I wouldn't presume to tell you how to run your business, but it seems to me Free IQ is a great way to promote free content—a product of yours, perhaps, that will encourage the user to purchase additional paid products on Free IQ or your own website. Kinda like a $7 Secrets giveaway product to get the back-end (OTO) sale.

You can join as a content provider or as an affiliate; I recommend that you join as an affiliate so you can promote additional Free IQ products and get paid for that, too.

However you choose to use Free IQ, it looks like there's a fantastic opportunity to reach potential customers who don't know your e-book, audio, or video exists. Don't miss out!

(BTW, there are still a few free DVDs left of Russell Brunson's DotCom Secrets.)

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