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Expansion Pack is Now Giveaway Expansion

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Back in 2007 when I created my first expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts, I really had no idea where I was going with the product; I thought perhaps that this one product would bundle dozens of features. However, later ideas spawned separate products generally named "__________ Expansion," each product with a narrow set of features, and it became obvious that Expansion Pack was an unfortunate choice of names.

Today I'm fixing that issue by renaming Expansion Pack to Giveaway Expansion. There are no new features in Giveaway Expansion, but it does require that you be using Admin Expansion or Admin Expansion Lite (included) version 1.2 or later.

Existing users can download the latest version of Giveaway Expansion for two years after purchase by using the download link they received at purchase. (If you've lost your download link, please contact support.) When installed, Giveaway Expansion will rename Expansion Pack's settings file and disable Expansion Pack.

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