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Today I'm announcing that I'm a licensed developer with Maian Support, arguably the best, free PHP support ticket system on the planet. I've been using Maian Support since 2007; I had tried a number of free alternatives and found MS to be the easiest to use.

In 2008, MS became a commercial project, Ticket Desk Pro, through a partnership between the developer and an established Internet marketer. However, due to some differences between the partners (as I understand it), the product languished and eventually the partnership dissolved, returning MS to the developer, David Bennett.

In 2010, David released Maian Support 2.0 with both a free and a paid version. Most of my customers will be satisfied with the feature set of the free version; the paid version removes limits on various features, which will be important if you're providing support for more than just a few products. More importantly, the paid version permits the removal of some fairly blatant copyright/advertising notices and links, which will be important to many users.

As I licensed developer, I am able to install either version on my customers' websites and I will offer some compelling prices to do so. In the coming weeks I'll set up a sales page for the service; in the meantime, if you're interested, fill out a support ticket and set the category to "Installation Request."

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