Support For Older Versions of 7DSS Ended


Back in 2007 when I started $7 Tools, I was supporting $7 Secrets Scripts version 2.6; in fact, Admin Expansion was specifically written to fix bugs that were present in that version.

When I took over $7 Secrets, I corrected those bugs and I removed the bug fixes from later versions of Admin Expansion, but I kept available the version (1.1.2) compatible with 7DSS 2.6. Versions of other Expansions dependent on AE 1.1.2 also remained available.

As of today, though, I'm no longer supporting any Expansion that doesn't work with 7DSS 2.8. Older versions of all Expansions have been removed from the site and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 7DSS 2.8 and update their Expansions. And new users won't have the confusing choice of download options when they reach the download page.


Good reminder.

So when is version 2.9 coming out?

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