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If you've been with me a while, you may remember that my first Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts was called Expansion Pack. Eventually, I renamed the product Giveaway Expansion—first, because I decided to limit the scope of that product to a single set of features relating to the giveaway function in 7DSS and, second, because I had plans for reusing the name for what I'm finally announcing today.

Expansion Pack is (now) a bundle of all the Expansions I've released up to today: Admin Expansion (the full version), Giveaway Expansion, Sell-Out Expansion, and The $7 Blacklist. But in and of itself that wouldn't really be anything new; I didn't want to release Expansion Pack until I had something more to give you.

So today, while these aren't yet individually available, I'm including three new Expansions in Expansion Pack, making it a real bundle: Checkout Expansion, Landing Page Expansion, and Social Proof Expansion. Briefly (you can click the links for more info), the new products offer some cool, new features for 7DSS:

But wait (I feel like a late-night infomercial announcer), that's not all! Also included are two more Expansions that you can only get with Expansion Pack:

  • Template Expansion: create additional, optional pages that tie into 7DSS actions
  • Snag Plugin: display purchase record data on any 7DSS template

If you've been keeping score, that's a total of 9 Expansions, with a total (counting released, soon-to-be-released, priced-as-if-it-were-released-separately products) retail value of $96. And, as you'd expect, Expansion Pack will be offered at a significant price savings. How much?


That's 30% off the retail value of the whole package!

But wait, there's more! (No, better than free shipping.)

Bonus #1: Instead of my standard free-updates-for-two-years policy, purchasers of Expansion Pack get all updates to these Expansions for life (the life of the Expansion).

Bonus #2: When (not if) I create additional Expansions, those products will be added to Expansion Pack and previous purchasers will get the new products for free.

I've pretty much rehashed the same deal over at the Expansion Pack sales page; feel free to investigate further there and by using the links above.

Operators are standing by.

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