Announcing Social Proof Expansion

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One of my newest Expansions came about as a result of seeing AWeber's "recent orders" widget (at the moment called "Who's Joining AWeber?") on their site. My first thought was, "How much would my sales increase if visitors saw that $7 Secrets was being purchased by others?"

So, I quickly whipped up some code to display my own "Recent Orders" widget, pulling in data from my purchase file to show not only names and relative dates, but also where the customer was located. And Social Proof Expansion was born!

I really had a lot of fun with this Expansion, since it was the first to have the in-place configuration feature that's now standard across my line of products. Tying in to an external service for location data and caching that data was new to me. And putting in some nice touches like hiding the "time since" if any sales were over a week old really gave me some pride in my work.

Social Proof Expansion is $7 and can be used in unlimited $7 Secrets Scripts installations. And, yes, I've seen a bump in conversions as a result of using it.

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