Why An Installer?

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I love programming. I won't say I hate providing support, but I'd rather program. That's why I created an installer for all my Expansions.

The only problem users seem to have when installing is in ensuring that the Source Guardian loaders are installed. The installer checks out the server and gives easy-to-understand instructions if the loaders aren't available. This should eliminate 90% of my support requests. (The remaining 10% are actually now directed to the forum, where users might find their questions already answered.)

The installer also makes sure the user is actually using $7 Secrets Scripts, and I can require a minimum version be present for a specific Expansion. And the installer looks for the files that are required for each Expansion, too.

The user is given a choice to manually enable Admin Expansion Lite (included with each expansion) if it isn't already (a process that involves editing 7DSS's index.php by hand) or allow the installer to do it. Very cool!

Finally, the installer creates default settings files, etc., for the Expansion before it deletes itself (with the user's permission).

Now that I think about it, I may eliminate the installer. Users are encouraged to ensure that Source Guardian is installed before they purchase, so the (same) code in the installer is redundant. And the other functions of the installer can actually be built into the Expansion—each Expansion already creates its default files.

Hmm, back to the drawing board…

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