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Support Portal Upgraded

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I mentioned back in November 2010 that I was a licensed developer for Maian Support, but some of you may have noticed since then that I haven't upgraded $7 Tools Support to Maian Support from Ticket Desk Pro. Unfortunately, MS 2.0 didn't allow me to create tickets programmatically, which is important for me when a customer purchases a 7DSS installation, so I put off upgrading until that feature was available. (A bug in TDP allowed me to do this, a bug that MS doesn't have.)

Several days ago, though, version 2.1 of Maian Support (which I helped beta test) was released, which—among other things—offers an API for adding tickets via an XML data post. Several other features in MS 2.1 (improvements from 1.0 and TDP) that make this a great product:

  • ReCAPTCHA — much better spam suppression
  • Per-reply attachments — much easier to share files with customers
  • Ticket portal — customers can see all their tickets
  • Forced selection of departments and hidden departments — some things I asked David for and got
  • Admin notes on tickets — make backend notes for future reference or to share with other users
  • Multi-language interface — customers can choose the language for the system
  • Custom fields — although I'll be waiting until this is a per-department option before I use them

One other thing was holding me back from the upgrade, too: all of the tickets in TDP and eTicket (the system I first used) that I wanted to move into MS but didn't have a converter for. I spent several days writing a converter for each and I'm happy to say that all my tickets are now in Maian Support.

When I get around to it I'll be putting up a page where you can order an installation of Maian Support. The software itself is free (unless you order a commercial license), but installation can be a little tricky. And as an added benefit, I'll convert any data from your existing support system at no charge (some restrictions apply). Until I get that page up, just shoot me a ticket on my brand new support system!

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