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You've spent a lot of time getting your site just right, but you probably haven't given any thought to the payment process other than "Okay, 7DSS sends the buyer to PayPal and then they come back after paying."

Depending on who's being paid for the sale and the type of PayPal account you or your affiliate has, though, the buyer can see a number of variations in the checkout pages, most of which don't have any relation to your site or product. It's understandable that the customer would have some hesitation in paying for your product when they've been taken to a completely different site that seemingly has no connection with yours.

Checkout Expansion has been released to combat the lost sales you've been experiencing. This Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts provides customization settings for PayPal checkout, allowing you to define a custom logo, banner image and background color that display when your customer goes through the payment process. This adds credibility to your business and helps prevent order abandonment. And the branding appears on affiliate sales, too!

Checkout Expansion is $7 and can be used in unlimited $7 Secrets Scripts installations.

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