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Announcing Social Proof Expansion

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One of my newest Expansions came about as a result of seeing AWeber's "recent orders" widget (at the moment called "Who's Joining AWeber?") on their site. My first thought was, "How much would my sales increase if visitors saw that $7 Secrets was being purchased by others?"

So, I quickly whipped up some code to display my own "Recent Orders" widget, pulling in data from my purchase file to show not only names and relative dates, but also where the customer was located. And Social Proof Expansion was born!

I really had a lot of fun with this Expansion, since it was the first to have the in-place configuration feature that's now standard across my line of products. Tying in to an external service for location data and caching that data was new to me. And putting in some nice touches like hiding the "time since" if any sales were over a week old really gave me some pride in my work.

Social Proof Expansion is $7 and can be used in unlimited $7 Secrets Scripts installations. And, yes, I've seen a bump in conversions as a result of using it.

Announcing Landing Page Expansion

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Back in 2008, I was asked by a 7DSS user about using multiple sales pages, or landing pages, to funnel traffic from different sources. I offered a suggestion which involved pasting some code and which didn't track the page for conversion purposes. But it was the start of a new Expansion which has finally been released.

Landing Page Expansion gives you the ability to display multiple sales pages for your front-end product and define custom actions to show specific sales pages. Configuration is easy and takes place right in your browser.

Conversion data will be reported by 7DSS for each additional sales page you use with Landing Page Expansion, just as for your other sales pages. And affiliates will receive credit if they promote a specific page, too!

Landing Page Expansion is $7 and can be used in unlimited $7 Secrets Scripts installations.

Announcing Checkout Expansion

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You've spent a lot of time getting your site just right, but you probably haven't given any thought to the payment process other than "Okay, 7DSS sends the buyer to PayPal and then they come back after paying."

Depending on who's being paid for the sale and the type of PayPal account you or your affiliate has, though, the buyer can see a number of variations in the checkout pages, most of which don't have any relation to your site or product. It's understandable that the customer would have some hesitation in paying for your product when they've been taken to a completely different site that seemingly has no connection with yours.

Checkout Expansion has been released to combat the lost sales you've been experiencing. This Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts provides customization settings for PayPal checkout, allowing you to define a custom logo, banner image and background color that display when your customer goes through the payment process. This adds credibility to your business and helps prevent order abandonment. And the branding appears on affiliate sales, too!

Checkout Expansion is $7 and can be used in unlimited $7 Secrets Scripts installations.

Announcing Expansion Pack

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If you've been with me a while, you may remember that my first Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts was called Expansion Pack. Eventually, I renamed the product Giveaway Expansion—first, because I decided to limit the scope of that product to a single set of features relating to the giveaway function in 7DSS and, second, because I had plans for reusing the name for what I'm finally announcing today.

Expansion Pack is (now) a bundle of all the Expansions I've released up to today: Admin Expansion (the full version), Giveaway Expansion, Sell-Out Expansion, and The $7 Blacklist. But in and of itself that wouldn't really be anything new; I didn't want to release Expansion Pack until I had something more to give you.

So today, while these aren't yet individually available, I'm including three new Expansions in Expansion Pack, making it a real bundle: Checkout Expansion, Landing Page Expansion, and Social Proof Expansion. Briefly (you can click the links for more info), the new products offer some cool, new features for 7DSS:

But wait (I feel like a late-night infomercial announcer), that's not all! Also included are two more Expansions that you can only get with Expansion Pack:

  • Template Expansion: create additional, optional pages that tie into 7DSS actions
  • Snag Plugin: display purchase record data on any 7DSS template

If you've been keeping score, that's a total of 9 Expansions, with a total (counting released, soon-to-be-released, priced-as-if-it-were-released-separately products) retail value of $96. And, as you'd expect, Expansion Pack will be offered at a significant price savings. How much?


That's 30% off the retail value of the whole package!

But wait, there's more! (No, better than free shipping.)

Bonus #1: Instead of my standard free-updates-for-two-years policy, purchasers of Expansion Pack get all updates to these Expansions for life (the life of the Expansion).

Bonus #2: When (not if) I create additional Expansions, those products will be added to Expansion Pack and previous purchasers will get the new products for free.

I've pretty much rehashed the same deal over at the Expansion Pack sales page; feel free to investigate further there and by using the links above.

Operators are standing by.

Download Padlock Available Once Again

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Back in 2007, when $7 Secrets Scripts was having issues with security, another enterprising programmer created a plug-in to address those issues. Download Padlock was designed to prevent 7DSS users' files from being downloaded by hackers and added the ability to include multiple (virtually unlimited) files on the download pages.

For various reasons, Download Padlock disappeared for most of 2008, but I'm happy to report that this essential add-on for $7 Secrets Scripts is once again available. $7 Tools is the exclusive online reseller for Download Padlock and, to celebrate, I'm not only lowering its price to $7 from its original $17, but I'm also offering an additional discount to existing $7 Tools customers who act in the next 24 hours.

Announcing Sell-Out Expansion

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I realize I'm not first to market with this idea for $7 Secrets Scripts users, but I do believe I have the best-in-class product. Here's what makes Sell-Out Expansion for $7 Secrets different from 7DSS v2.7 and other products:

Sell-Out Expansion
7DSS 2.7
Product A
Limit front-end product
Limit OTO product
Limit by number of sales
Limit by date
Optionally disable sales page
Optionally disable OTO
Requires extensive modification of 7DSS

* A bug in 7DSS 2.7 causes front-end and OTO sales to be grouped.

Sell-Out Expansion is very simple to use: you upload it to your scripts directory, add one line to your index.php file (not necessary for existing Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite users), and set your preferences.

Now, what would what would show off this product better than an actual demonstration? Right now I've reduced the price by 25%, but that offer is only available to the first 30 buyers or until August 5, 2007 -- whichever comes first.

More information on Sell-Out Expansion

Support for Sell-Out Expansion and other 7 Dollar Tools products

Announcing The $7 Blacklist

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I was robbed last week. Someone clicked my link in the $7 Secrets forum to this website, then used their affiliate link to purchase my product. I was mad! Who is so cheap that they need to steal a $7 product? Well, that's the last time they'll do that to me, because I created The $7 Blacklist.

The $7 Blacklist is very simple to use: you upload it to your scripts directory, add one line to your index.php file (not necessary for Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite users), and (optionally) set one preference. The $7 Blacklist immediately begins protecting you from affiliate fraud.

Every time someone comes to your site with an affiliate link, The $7 Blacklist checks the affiliate ID against an online database of known abusers of the $7 Secrets Scripts affiliate system. If the affiliate ID is in the Blacklist, the affiliate cookie is not set and, optionally, the the 7DSS fraud page is shown.

To make this product successful, I need you to do two things. First, download and use The $7 Blacklist. It's free for all users of 7 Dollar Secrets scripts. Second, report affiliate fraud at the link below. Sure, losing $7 is a drop in the bucket, but if we allow these thieves to continue their behavior they will steal from the rest of us.

Download The $7 Blacklist and report affiliate fraud

Support for The $7 Blacklist and other 7 Dollar Tools products

New Release: Expansion Pack for $7 Secrets

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Of course, the main reason for using the information in $7 Secrets is to produce your own product. So, what was I to create that someone would be willing to pay for?

After registering at the $7 Secrets Forum and beginning to learn about the scripts (it's that analytical bent I have), it became obvious to me that the scripts had some short-comings. Part of that is because they are a work in progress. Part of that is because Jon never intended the scripts to do everything. But it was clear that there were things that people wanted the scripts to do—and a light bulb went off in my head!

Why not give them what they wanted?

Why not expand the scripts, if you will, and make $7 Secrets do more?

So, with that spark of an idea, I began compiling a list of things that I saw people wanted, added to them a list of features I would like to see, and have packaged a few of them together into a product that I call "Expansion Pack for $7 Secrets." Not surprisingly, it's priced at $7.

Not only that, it comes with Admin Expansion Lite, which I created to fix some bugs in the $7 Secrets scripts and to help troubleshoot problems that other users were having with their own installations. (Yes, I expect to offer a full version—Admin Expansion—at a later date.) This product alone is worth the $7 price.

Installation is simple: just upload the files, edit some settings, and add a single line of code to your $7 Secrets scripts index.php file. No fuss, no muss. And you can read more about it here.

$7 Secrets is Available

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Well, I surprised myself! Although it took me just over a month to complete the first step in this project, I actually did follow through and put together an offering for $7 Secrets.

I waited for about two-and-a-half weeks before I uploaded the scripts and it took me another two-and-a-half weeks to tweak everything so it was just like I wanted it. Most of that time was spent just learning how the scripts work and there's really no reason why someone else -- someone without my analytical personality -- couldn't take the $7 Secrets scripts and have them up-and-running within days.

Setting up the script is easy, so most of your time is spent creating your offer and the supporting web pages. The $7 Secrets scripts then make selling your product a snap!

Lest I forget, there's a report that's really the primary reason for making the purchase. Unless you understand the advantage of selling low-cost info products, you won't really understand how the scripts will help you. (Don't be narrow-minded, either: the scripts are being used to market all kinds of products -- physical and digital -- at many different price points.) And even if you never use the scripts, the information in the report is valuable in its own right.

All right, rather go on any longer about the product, let me just point you to $7 Secrets itself and let you make your own decision. Good luck!

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