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Download Padlock 1.2 Released

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Version 1.2 of Download Padlock for $7 Secrets Scripts has been released. This plugin for 7DSS provides multi-file protection for your downloads.

The only change in this version was to provide compatibility with (and require) SourceGuardian and provide compatibility with PHP 5.2.5+. Previous versions were protected by Zend Guard, but were not compatible with the latest versions of PHP.

Updates to Download Padlock are free to all users who have purchased in the last two years.

Admin Expansion 1.4 Released

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$7 Tools' flagship product, Admin Expansion, has been updated to version 1.4. This new version adds several features, most notably in-place configuration of $7 Secrets Scripts itself.

It's no longer necessary to edit an arcane text file, all the while worrying that you'll bungle the job, drop a semi-colon and leave your site high and dry. A simple web form, secure within your password-protected admin panel, allows you to quickly and confidently change product and system settings.

Admin Expansion also supports in-place configuration of all $7 Tools Expansions. Again, no need to fumble with a text editor.

Additional features include allowing an affiliate ID with any supported 7DSS action (order, giveaway, etc.) or those provided by another Expansion and a reorganization of the admin menu. Admin Expansion now supports five new Expansions—Checkout Expansion, Landing Page Expansion, Social Proof Expansion, Template Expansion, and Snag Plugin—as well.

Upgrades to version 1.4 are free to all users who have purchased in the last 2 years.

Admin Expansion 1.3.1

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Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite have been updated to version 1.3.1. The most significant change is the destination of the "Fix" links in the 7DSS admin panel: since $7 Secrets Forum moved from the YaBB platform to Simple Machines, those topics have new addresses.

Additional reading:
Admin Expansion Change Log
Admin Expansion Lite Change Log

Updated Expansions for $7 Secrets 2.8

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Yes, you're right: it's been a very long time since I've posted here. The basic reason for that has been that, since my last post, I've been very busy with getting $7 Secrets 2.7, and then 2.8, together and out. Add to that my support activities on the support desk and the forum; getting out a new, Italian language version of $7 Secrets; and maintaining all of my previous commitments, and you can see why development at $7 Tools has lagged.

But now I'm pleased to announce new versions of most of the tools here, updated mostly to keep them compatible with $7 Secrets 2.8. Here's what we have:

  • Admin Expansion 1.2 and Admin Expansion Lite 1.2, offering a new interface for the 7DSS admin panel and 7DSS 2.8 compatibility

Admin Expansion 1.2 now requires 7DSS 2.8.

These new versions all require Admin Expansion 1.2, which means they also require 7DSS 2.8. (Previous versions compatible with 7DSS 2.7 are still available in your download area, but, hey, you should update to the latest versions for increased reliability.)

To download these updates, use the download link you were sent when you purchased. Remember, purchasers receive free updates for two years from date of purchase. If you have any questions, open a support ticket and I'll get back to you.

Expansion Pack Updated to 1.0.2

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Expansion Pack has been updated to fix two bugs:

  • Fixed bug which in some cases caused the Download Expired page to show when bypassing the squeeze page (thank you, Xavier Nelson) [1.0.1]

  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.0.1 which did not allow bypassing of the squeeze page for giveaways (thank you, Henry Zeng) [1.0.2]

Past purchasers of Expansion Pack for $7 Secrets can download the latest version by using their original download link.

Admin Expansion Updated to 1.1.2

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There's a new version of Admin Expansion available. Purchasers are eligible to receive updates for two years from the date of purchase.

Here's what's new in Admin Expansion 1.1.2:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the user to be logged out when enabling/disabling test mode and occasionally caused test mode not to work

  • Now uses URLs of the form 'index.php?action=' instead of '/?action=' to avoid problems with some web server configurations

I recommend that all users of Admin Expansion upgrade to version 1.1.2. Use your original download link to download the "scripts only" package, then replace your copy of exp_admin.php with the appropriate file.

Updates and 2.7 Compatibility

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I just wanted to check in briefly and let you know about some minor updates to my 7 Dollar Tools expansion products. Also, because the $7 Secrets Scripts have been updated, I've gone through each product to ensure compatibility with version 2.7.

To determine the versions you are currently using for the following products, log in to your admin panel. Use your original download links to update your products.

Admin Expansion Lite — current version: 1.1.2, 2.7-compatible: YES
- v1.1.2: Various changes for future expandability
- v1.1.1: Various changes for future expandability

(Use download link for Expansion Pack, Sell-Out Expansion)

Admin Expansion — current version: 1.1.1, 2.7-compatible: YES
- v1.1.1: Various changes for future expandability
- v1.1: Updated Test Mode to work with 2.7's "gather zips" feature

Expansion Pack — current version: 1.0, 2.7-compatible: YES

Sell-Out Expansion — current version: 1.0, 2.7-compatible: YES

The $7 Blacklist — current version: 1.0, 2.7-compatible: YES

Although these products are 2.7-compatible, I do NOT recommend that you update your 7 Dollar Secrets scripts installation at this point. I am currently beta-testing version 2.7.1, which appears to correct the issues I noted with 2.7; hopefully that will be released soon.

Lastly, I recently completed an installation for Admin Expansion user, Dylan Loh, who has just released a new product designed to show you how to find JV partners who will promote your products for you. If you want to really break loose, move some product and build your list, you'll want to check out

$7 Secrets 2.7 is...

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After a 35-day absence from the $7 Secrets forum and 85 days after v2.6 was released, Jon Leger has returned -- bearing version 2.7 of the $7 Secrets Scripts! What's new, what's changed, and what does it mean for you?

Here's what's new in the scripts:

  • Added code so ?e= with no PayPal email will clear the affiliate cookie
  • This is great for troubleshooting issues with your installation. Instead of tracking down that affiliate cookie ("aff") and deleting it manually, just use this to clear it. (Just a note: if you try this pre-2.7, you'll get a PHP error.)

  • Added ability to collect Country / State / Zip code information for tax purposes.
  • If you need to track this information for tax on (physical) products, now you can. I'm not sure how useful this will be for users, since the script doesn't ask PayPal to charge tax as a profile override nor does it record the tax amount returned by IPN. If any of you try this feature, let me know how it works for you.

  • Added conversion tracking and the ability to have multiple sales letters for conversion testing purposes
  • Woo-hoo! This has been asked for by many people. Test two or more different sales letters to see which produces more sales. I haven't had the chance yet to put this feature through its paces, but I'll let you know later what I find.

  • Added the ability to limit the number of sales before "closing the doors." (soldout.html)
  • Another popular request, this feature helps you convey a sense of urgency to your buyers.

And what's changed:

  • BUG FIX: Recording payment_amount to ipn.txt instead of payment_gross caused problems for some currencies
  • I reported this to Jon back in May. Basically, anyone using a currency other than US dollars would see "0.00" for the payment in their admin panel, due to a change (some time ago) to PayPal's IPN. The script still operated correctly, though.

    [Update 8/24/2007] Version 2.7 still records IPN variable payment_gross to fraud.txt instead of mc_gross when a fraudulent transaction is detected.

  • BUG FIX: Script would hang after customer redirected back from PayPal
  • Another one I reported to Jon in May. This is the "tries" bug you've most likely seen on the $7 Secrets forum, which returns the customer to the sales page after a successful PayPal payment. Users of Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite have been able to avoid this bug.

All this news about version 2.7 sounds great, but I'm going to caution you against downloading it and using it on a production site. As I began running through the code to see what effects the new version would have on my $7 Tools products, I came across bug after bug that limited the usability of not only the new features, but of the script as a whole:

  • A section of code that made it impossible to place any orders

  • The sold-out feature can cut off sales of your regular product before you expect it

  • If you're testing multiple sales pages, only the first one shows

  • If you delete a sales page you were testing, a customer that had already seen that sales page might get an error when they return [updated 7/24/2007]

  • If you're collecting country/state/zip information, your customers will not be able to buy your OTO

  • If your customer cancels the purchase of the OTO, they're kicked out of the order process and can't download their first purchase (reported in April)

  • A common setting error needlessly keeps customers from downloading their purchase (fixed by Admin Expansion and Admin Expansion Lite)

  • A bug which sends an invalid address to PayPal when using split commissions on the regular product (reported two days ago)

  • The amount received is not reported correctly for a fraudulent transaction when the payment is in a non-USD currency. [Updated 8/24/2007]

Again, I recommend that you NOT download and install version 2.7 of the scripts. Version 2.6, when combined with Admin Expansion or Admin Expansion Lite, will work well for you until these kinks get ironed out. I'll let you know when that happens.

Admin Expansion Lite v1.1

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Admin Expansion Lite has been updated to v1.1. Changes include:

  • Fixes a bug in 7 Dollar Secrets scripts v2.6 that causes customers to be shown the sales page when returning from PayPal

  • Checks for the existence of your download files and warns you if they cannot be found

  • Where appropriate, attempts to create the tell-a-friend and fraud files

  • Warns you if your tell-a-friend, fraud, and admin session files are not writable

Expansion Pack for $7 Secrets users can use the download link they received after purchase to download the latest package, which contains Admin Expansion Lite v1.1.

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