SourceGuardian loaders not installed!

Admin Expansion is protected by SourceGuardian for PHP and requires loaders to decrypt and run the software. These loaders are free and are available for many different operating systems and PHP versions.

Many hosting companies have SourceGuardian installed on their servers already. Sometimes using it requires a change to your hosting configuration, but often no further action on your part needs to be taken. Some users will need to upload the loaders to their account—an easy process which should take little time.

Prior to purchasing products from $7 Tools, we request you download a free script which will test your server for compatibility with SourceGuardian. Specific instructions will be given for either you or your hosting company to install SourceGuardian if the loaders are not already on the server.

Expansions from $7 Tools include an installer which once again tests the server and provides instructions for installing SourceGuardian.

We realize this may impose a small inconvenience, but by protecting our intellectual property we can keep the cost of our products low. Thank you for understanding.

For additional support with SourceGuardian and any $7 Tools Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts, visit the $7 Secrets Forum.