"Do You Think Your Downloads Are Safe?
Think Again!"

When You Link Directly To Your Downloads,
You Are Opening Your Front Door To Thieves!


id you know that for every legit download of your files, as many as 6 non-legit transfers occur? By linking directly to your downloadable files, you are basically telling the world where your valuable downloads are kept. It's as if you put your safe outside your house, unlocked, with a note saying "Help yourself!"

Open safe


Every merchant, whether they're selling downloadables or hard goods, wants to protect their goods from thieves. Just as a brick-and-mortar merchant would protect their items from theft by installing alarms in their stores, you should make it harder for information thieves out to steal your merchandise.


Would you leave your safe outside your house with the door wide open? Would you attach a note with the PIN to your ATM card on your wallet with the text "PIN for ATM card"? No? Neither would I. So why are you still linking directly to your files on your download pages?


It's time to stop making life easy for information product thieves! You need to add an extra layer of security, making sure that only legit, paying customers get their purchases! By doing this, not only will you make life harder for the thieves, you are also protecting your customers' investment in your products, saying "No one gets it for free!"

Download Padlock


This special edition of Download Padlock is tightly tied to the $7 Secrets Scripts. It checks each request for a download against your purchase file, and then sends the file to the customer without revealing its real location!


Download dialog
Customers get their downloads without being told where on your server the files are located


Setting the software up is a breeze; it's just a matter of uploading a file and changing your download links. Really, it's dead simple!


Allows you to protect any number of files you need to protect; you're not limited to 2 files anymore...

Prevents unauthorized downloading of your files; all downloads are matched against your purchase file...

The location of your downloadable files is kept away from prying eyes; direct linking and direct downloading is prevented...

The files are streamed to the customer; they get the download window no matter what type of file it is...


've used this tool myself for all my $7 promotions, and the latest revision has worked without a glitch. I've also installed it for a number of clients, who have happily paid me $50/hour to get the safety integrated into their installs of the $7 Secrets Scripts.


But you're not going to pay $50 ... I've decided to release this script to all users of the $7 Secrets Scripts as an add-on, because my time is limited. I can't sit around installing the script on everybody's servers all day long, so you get the do-it-yourself kit (don't worry, it's very easy) for the ridiculously low price of ...




Yup. One $7 add-on and ALL your $7 promotions are secured.


Purchase safely through Paypal, and you will have your copy of the add-on immediately after payment. Doesn't matter what time of day or night it is.


Order now!


P.S. - I reserve the right to pull this offer at any time, so if you're holding back now hoping I'll lower the price in a couple of days - forget it. If anything is going to happen to the price, it's going to be adjusted upwards.



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