I'll keep this simple and sweet: you can get every Expansion I've released for $7 Secrets Scripts —and more—right here in...

Expansion Pack for $7 Secrets Scripts

Don Morris

Keeper of the $7 Secrets Flame
Creator of Admin Expansion, Checkout Expansion, Giveaway Expansion, Landing Page Expansion, Sell-Out Expansion, Snag Plugin, Social Proof Expansion, Template Expansion, and The $7 Blacklist

Dear Friend,

$7 Secrets Scripts is pretty powerful stuff. But 7DSS with an Expansion or two is even better. And when you've got every Expansion…

Here's what you get when you purchase Expansion Pack:

Admin Expansion adds powerful features to your 7DSS admin panel, including in-place configuration of 7DSS; automatic sending of download links when extended; manual adding and deleting of sales; test mode; and more.

The $7 Blacklist checks an online database of known perpetrators of affiliate fraud and denies payment to the thieves.

Checkout Expansion provides customization settings for PayPal checkout, allowing you to define a custom logo, banner image and background color that display when your customer goes through the payment process. This adds credibility to your business and helps prevent order abandonment.

Giveaway Expansion enhances the standard giveaway feature of 7DSS and allows you to control the behavior of the opt-in (squeeze) page.

Landing Page Expansion gives you the ability to display multiple sales pages for your front-end product; unlike the split-testing feature of 7DSS, however, which displays a random sales page for each visitor, Landing Page Expansion allows you to define custom actions to display specific sales pages.

Sell-Out Expansion allows you to limit sales of both your front-end product and your OTO product, by either maximum number of sales or by expiration date or by both.

Social Proof Expansion displays a "Recent Orders" widget on your sales page (or any 7DSS template), offering proof of your product's value to others and increasing its desirability.

And two more Expansions which you can only get with Expansion Pack:

Snag Plugin lets you "snag" data from your 7DSS purchase file and use it on your templates: to use your customer's name when thanking them; prefilling opt-in forms; displaying a download expiration date; or anything else you can think of.

Template Expansion associates additional (optional) templates with custom actions, allowing you to organize all your site's pages in your templates directory and "tie in" those pages to 7DSS.

The total retail value of these Expansions, including the two Expansions you can't purchase outside this package, is $96.

But I'm going to give you even more!

First, you'll receive access to every Expansion I release after you purchase Expansion Pack. That means the value of this package will continue to increase, but you'll be in for the low price I'm giving you today.

Second, instead of receiving updates to the Expansions in the package for two years—which you'd get if you purchased the Expansions individually—you'll receive them for the life of the Expansion.

And I'm going to give you all that…

  • Every current Expansion
  • Every future Expansion
  • Two Expansions you can't buy separately
  • And lifetime upgrades

at 30% off!

Don't pass this up!


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