You don't need me to tell you how great $7 Secrets Scripts is, so I won't waste your time going on and on about it. But have you wished it could do just a little more? Well, that's why I wrote...

Giveaway Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts

Don Morris

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Dear Friend,

If you've used $7 Secrets Scripts for even a moment, you've seen the power that is in this inexpensive tool to stuff money in your pockets. But I know you've been thinking, "What if it could do this? I could make even more money!" I know this because I've had those thoughts and, if the discussions over on the $7 Secrets Forum are any indication, I am far from alone.

Well, I'm a coder. So my next thought was, "What if I...," and after a few grueling, caffeine-filled coding sessions I had created Giveaway Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts—an easy, yet powerful solution to expand the usefulness of $7 Secrets Scripts (and your profits!)

So, what can you do with Giveaway Expansion?

  • Allow affiliates to send prospects directly to the opt-in page for your giveaway product and still earn commssions on your One-Time Offer
  • Giving away a product can be a great way to build your list and soften up your prospect for the One-Time Offer. However, 7DSS doesn't reward your affiliates unless they send customers to your sales page first. That's an extra step that puts an articial barrier in front of prospects, but with Giveaway Expansion that barrier is gone. Just add "action=giveaway" to the affiliate URL.
  • Bypass the squeeze page
  • No, I'm not suggesting that you give up on your list. However, there are some situations where you might want to put the squeeze page up front. How about offering your giveaway product as a bonus for signing up to your newletter, with the subscription form on a completely different site? Or collecting the customer's name and e-mail address before sending them to PayPal, without asking for that information again? With Giveaway Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts, you can change your sales process and bypass the squeeze page just by setting a single switch.
  • Promote giveaway products without fear of abuse
  • Give away a product and you raise the potential for abuse. You can turn off the giveaway, but if you turn it back on the abuse will just continue. What you need is a custom giveaway action (action=myKeyword) that you can change at a moment's notice—only available with Giveaway Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts. Stop the abuse without stopping the giveaway!
  • Troubleshoot your $7 Secrets Scripts installation and fix common problems
  • Admin Screen With every purchase of Giveaway Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts, I'm including a copy of Admin Expansion Lite. This invaluable troubleshooting tool provides status messages for common 7DSS installation mistakes. This tool alone is worth far more than the measly—you guessed it!—$7 you will pay for Giveaway Expansion.

With your purchase, you also receive the right to install the software on any site you personally use with $7 Secrets Scripts and you are guaranteed to receive—for free!—every update to Giveaway Expansion for the next two years.

By the way, installing Giveaway Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts is easy! Just upload a few files; use your browser to run the installer; adjust some settings; and you're ready to go!

IMPORTANT: Please see the system requirements for this software before purchasing.

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