You don't need me to tell you how great $7 Secrets Scripts is, so I won't waste your time going on and on about it. But have you wished it could do just a little more? Well, that's why I wrote...

Landing Page Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts

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Dear Friend,

So I got a request from a $7 Secrets Scripts user* one day, about using multple sales pages to target different audiences. I thought this was a great idea: you could have one page for response to a mailing to your list, another that visitors from Google search would see, another for AdWords traffic,...

And take that AdWords traffic. Say you've got an ebook on caring for your dog and your AdWords campaigns cover keywords for "dog nutrition," "dog grooming," and "obedience training." You'll want to have sales pages that don't just have a sentence or two on that area, but really speak to your visitors who've come for that specific information—without distracting them with the other areas of your product.

However, while 7DSS allows you to have multiple sales pages, it uses those for split testing, by serving up random pages to each visitor and recording your conversion statistics. Those sales pages can't be individually targetted to your prospects.

That's why you need Landing Page Expansion. This innovative Expansion gives you the ability to display multiple sales pages for your front-end product and define custom actions to show specific sales pages.

Configuring Landing Page is simple, using a form right from within your 7DSS admin panel:

Just define an action, assign it a sales page and drop that sales page into your templates directory—you're done!

Conversion data will be reported by 7DSS for each additional sales page you use with Landing Page Expansion, just as for your other sales pages. And affiliates will receive credit if they promote a specific page, too!

Admin Screen By the way, with every purchase of Landing Page Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts, I'm including a copy of Admin Expansion Lite. This invaluable troubleshooting tool provides status messages for common 7DSS installation mistakes. This tool alone is worth far more than the measly—you guessed it!—$7 you will pay for Landing Page Expansion.

With your purchase, you also receive the right to install the software on any site you personally use with $7 Secrets Scripts and you are guaranteed to receive—for free!—every update to Landing Page Expansion for the next two years.

By the way, installing Landing Page Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts is easy! Just upload a few files; use your browser to run the installer; adjust some settings; and you're ready to go!

IMPORTANT: Please see the system requirements for this software before purchasing.

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*Thank you, Andrew Cavanagh!