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The $7 Secrets Scripts
PayPal Link Cloaker Plugin!

An Instant Cloaking Solution To Help You
Attract More Affiliates!

Now you can offer your $7 Secrets Scripts affiliates protection for their PayPal email address. No longer do your affiliates have to expose their information to Spam Bots or would be PayPal account crackers.

Transform spam-attracting, easily hijacked affiliate links like: ...


Using your EXISTING $7 Secrets Scripts!

Your affiliates simply enter their PayPal e-mail address, click Submit, and then save their cloaked affiliate link.

The value of this plugin is immediately obvious if you are using the $7 Secrets Scriptss.

NOTE: This plugin requires the $7 Secrets Scripts.

This is sold for your own personal use only. You may use it on any and all domains that you personally own and use with $7 Secrets Scripts to sell your products.

Don Morris

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