You don't need me to tell you how great $7 Secrets Scripts is, so I won't waste your time going on and on about it. But have you wished it could do just a little more? Well, that's why I wrote...

Social Proof Expansion
for $7 Secrets Scripts

Don Morris

Keeper of the $7 Secrets Flame
Creator of Admin Expansion, Checkout Expansion, Giveaway Expansion, Landing Page Expansion, Sell-Out Expansion, Snag Plugin, Social Proof Expansion, Template Expansion, and The $7 Blacklist

Dear Friend,

You already know that convincing people to buy your product is your hardest task. You probably spend as much time or more on your sales letter than you do on your product—and still it's not enough to get your visitors to part with their money.

What can you do?

Me, I try to avoid hype and keep my sales letters as short as possible. Not everyone recommends this, though.

One tactic that everyone seems to suggest, however, is getting others to promote your product. Of course, that's a major tenet of $7 Secrets; having the right affiliate promote your product can make up for even the worst sales page.

Putting testimonials—short, positive reviews by people who've used your product—on your site are very effective, but they require a bit of work to collect and curate. You definitely should be doing this, but I have something much easier to increase your sales letter conversions...

What if everyone who bought your product unconsciously promoted your product—immediately?! My newest Expansion makes that happen.

Social Proof Expansion displays a configurable widget on your sales page, showing your visitors the most recent sales and demonstrating that others are finding value in your offer. Social Proof Expansion offers:

  • Choice
  • You decide how many sales show in the widget.
  • Location data
  • Optionally include the city, region and country of your customers, using a free IP address lookup service. (Your customers' privacy is assured, since the widget only shows their first name.)
  • Localized output
  • All of the text output by the widget can be put into your language.
  • Painless placement
  • Display the widget anywhere you want on your sales page (or any other template, for that matter) by adding a simple tag to the page.
  • Built-in configuration
  • This is the first $7 Tools Expansion to offer configuration right from within your 7DSS admin panel. No more editing settings files!

And, in case you were wondering, it's

  • Embarassment free
  • No embarassment if you've not got sales yet—set it up when you set up a new product and have the latest sales show as soon as they come in. Also, if any of the displayed sales are more than a week old, all of the "time since" information is hidden.

With your purchase, you also receive the right to install the software on any site you personally use with $7 Secrets Scripts and you are guaranteed to receive—for free!—every update to Social Proof Expansion for the next two years.

By the way, installing Social Proof Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts is easy! Just upload a few files; use your browser to run the installer; adjust some settings; and you're ready to go!

IMPORTANT: Please see the system requirements for this software before purchasing.

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