$7 Tools provides products and services that complement and expand $7 Secrets Scripts, the software included with every purchase of $7 Secrets. Not just for information products, $7 Secrets Scripts can be used to deliver a wide variety of products at any price point you choose.

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$7 Tools Expansions

Admin Expansion adds powerful features to your 7DSS admin panel, including in-place configuration of 7DSS; automatic sending of download links when extended; manual adding and deleting of sales; test mode; and more.

The $7 Blacklist checks an online database of known perpetrators of affiliate fraud and denies payment to the thieves.

Checkout Expansion provides customization settings for PayPal checkout, allowing you to define a custom logo, banner image and background color that display when your customer goes through the payment process. This adds credibility to your business and helps prevent order abandonment.

Giveaway Expansion enhances the standard giveaway feature of 7DSS and allows you to control the behavior of the opt-in (squeeze) page.

Landing Page Expansion gives you the ability to display multiple sales pages for your front-end product; unlike the split-testing feature of 7DSS, however, which displays a random sales page for each visitor, Landing Page Expansion allows you to define custom actions to display specific sales pages.

Sell-Out Expansion allows you to limit sales of both your front-end product and your OTO product, by either maximum number of sales or by expiration date or by both.

Snag Plugin lets you "snag" data from your 7DSS purchase file and use it on your templates: to use your customer's name when thanking them; prefilling opt-in forms; displaying a download expiration date; or anything else you can think of.
Available only as part of Expansion Pack.

Social Proof Expansion displays a "Recent Orders" widget on your sales page (or any 7DSS template), offering proof of your product's value to others and increasing its desirability.

Template Expansion associates additional (optional) templates with custom actions, allowing you to organize all your site's pages in your templates directory and "tie in" those pages to 7DSS.
Available only as part of Expansion Pack.

Expansion Pack includes all of the Expansions listed above—plus, Expansion Pack purchasers are entitled to free upgrades for life* and all $7 Tools Expansions added in the future!
*For the life of the Expansion—not yours, silly.

Complementary Products

These products fit well with the $7 Secrets method, whether they extend 7DSS, improve the looks of your site, or improve your bottom line.

PayPal Cloaker helps you protect your affiliates' privacy by allowing them to hide their PayPal address in their affiliate links.
We're resellers for PayPal Cloaker.

Download Padlock protects multiple files on your download pages, not just the two that 7DSS secures.
We're the exclusive reseller for Download Padlock.

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We're affiliates for this product.

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$7 Tools Acquires Download Padlock

I am pleased to announce that $7 Tools is now not just the exclusive reseller of Download Padlock; $7 Tools has acquired full rights to the product from its creator, Bjorn Persson. Download Padlock expands the number of files protected... more »

Download Padlock 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of Download Padlock for $7 Secrets Scripts has been released. This plugin for 7DSS provides multi-file protection for your downloads. The only change in this version was to provide compatibility with (and require) SourceGuardian and provide compatibility with... more »

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