You don't need me to tell you how great $7 Secrets Scripts is, so I won't waste your time going on and on about it. But have you wished it could do just a little more? Well, that's why I wrote...

Admin Expansion
for $7 Secrets Scripts

Don Morris

Keeper of the $7 Secrets Flame
Creator of Admin Expansion, Checkout Expansion, Giveaway Expansion, Landing Page Expansion, Sell-Out Expansion, Snag Plugin, Social Proof Expansion, Template Expansion, and The $7 Blacklist

Dear Friend,

One of the reasons you may have purchased one of my other expansions for $7 Secrets Scripts was because it includes Admin Expansion Lite, which helps you troubleshoot your $7 Secrets Scripts installation.

Admin Expansion Lite is—of course—the little brother to Admin Expansion, our product that makes your admin panel do more. Not only does it contain all the troubleshooting features for 7DSS found in Admin Expansion Lite, but it adds powerful features to the $7 Secrets Scripts that users have been asking for.

Just look at what Admin Expansion gives you!

  • Add Sales Manually
  • Add sales to your purchase file right from your admin panel! This comes in real handy when you've received payment for your product in some manner other than through the script.
  • Delete Individual Sales
  • Just as you'd expect from this feature, you can delete any sale in your purchase file—test purchases, refunded sales, etc.
  • Resend Download Links
  • Without Admin Expansion, extending the download expiration will not resend the download link by e-mail. With Admin Expansion, you have the option to send the download link when you extend the expiration.
  • Immediately Expire Download Links
  • Maybe it's a download link that's being abused. Whatever the reason, you can expire any download link immediately with one click.
  • Use your primary PayPal address
  • If you're using a secondary PayPal address to receive payments for your product, you're probably frustrated that PayPal's IPN reports your primary address as receiving the payment—and your admin panel doesn't properly report or highlight your sales. Admin Expansion fixes this and your sales are displayed and highlighted as you expect.

But wait! I've saved the best for last:

  • Test Mode!
  • That's right—the most requested feature for $7 Secrets Scripts is now in Admin Expansion. Test Mode allows you to test the complete ordering process of your product without going through PayPal! From the time your customer clicks on the order link until they download your OTO, you'll see just what they see on your site.

With your purchase, you also receive the right to install the software on any site you personally use with $7 Secrets Scripts and you are guaranteed to receive—for free!—every update to Admin Expansion for the next two years.

By the way, installing Admin Expansion for $7 Secrets Scripts is easy! Just upload a few files; use your browser to run the installer; adjust some settings; and you're ready to go!

IMPORTANT: Please see the system requirements for this software before purchasing.

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